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Pic by Felix Le

my philosophy regarding photography as a medium of expression has an emphasis on capturing the moment. when i take picture of people i often find that the poses that aren't planned and that come naturally are the best. I don't often like to pose people, i let them pose themselves but give guidance and check in. I have taken the skills i've learned from shooting action, event, portrait , product and combined them into the style i shoot with today. some may call it lifestyle photography but I think it is different from that, book a session to see what i mean. a session with me you get more than good pictures to look at and show others, it's an experience, i sell an idea in the form of digital media. i will let you think about that, but the booking button is just below...

I am a 22 year old photographer based in the GTA who has been shooting on a DSLR 5+ years in various settings and styles. 
THe camera i shoot on is the Sony a7r iii with 4 lenses and 5 different filters at my disposal, in addition i own backdrops, lighting equipment, various tripods and more.
i gravitate towards a darker image and editing style however, i do have versatility as to the way i edit and shoot rates vary depending on the type of shoot however typically min 45 min session starting at $80
My entire setup cost around 10k and considering that my rates are very competitively priced 
I have managed to work with large names in the motorcycle industry such as..
live fast/fast mask, crooked clubhouse, Highway Heathans, durham Harley Davidson
along with large social media names such as...
 cj.real011 on tik tok
alina.cateyka (Instagram)
and Tayo.bmx (Instagram)

I specialize in Action Shots, male portraiture, automotive and branding. currently, i am taking time off of school to gain real world experience in the world of digital marketing and also preparing to do an official launch of my own digital marketing agency dubbed 'THe Social Masters' focusing on social media management, content creation and content coaching 
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